Energy Savings


At Total Telecom Solutions sister company,  AMGP Inc., we can help reduce yet another Utility Expense, your Electric & Gas Bills.  Either through a variety of different treatments that can actually reduce your consumption of electricity, thus reduce expense, or just allowing us to shop the existing marketplace for the best rates we can secure, AMGP has a 100% success record in achieving these goals.

The De-Regulation of the Marketplace is heating up & rates are on the increase.  2011 projections through the incumbent  Providers projects a 13+ % increase to consumers & businesses.  To all business, especially Manufactures or greater consumers of Electricity & Gas, this is an expense that needs budgeted for & controlled.  AMGP Inc. can assist in this process through one of these strategies or a combination of both.


Is the lighting in your office poor & outdated?  Do your employees on your manufacturing floor have the appropriate lighting to read diagrams or function in their job properly?  How about letting your Electric Company help in paying for the lighting project you need while your business benefits through cosmetic enhancements while reducing your Monthly Electricity Expense?  Please read about Pennsylvania Act 129 & then contact AMGP Inc. to find out how your Utility Company is participating in an Installation Fund Reimbursement Program.  YES, YOUR ELECTRICITY COMPANY WILL ASSIST IN PAYING FOR A PROJECT! 1-877-999- AMGP(2647)

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