Managed Solutions COMPLETE

Total Telecom Solutions  Managed Solutions COMPLETE Program can help you optimize your telecommunications. We offer an array of customizable services to evaluate, design, select, implement, track and manage your telecommunications and get the bottom- line results you need.


Save up to 30% or more with Managed Solutions COMPLETE

At TTS, we save an average of 30% off the monthly phone bills of companies like yours with our powerful Managed Solutions COMPLETE Program.  With over a decade of experience, we know how to cut through the complexity and clutter of your phone bills and provide you with these benefits starting the first month:

**Cost savings that average 30% for most of our clients.

**Save the time and hassle of trying to sort out your phone bills – we do it for you.

**We can Manage all…or specific telecommunications bills – cellular, land line, data, long distance, network (LAN / WAN), and even System Maintenance Agreements.

**We negotiate rates and settle disputes with telecom providers for you.

**You get a better, more economical telecommunications package.

**Eliminate the worry that you’re being overcharged on your phone bills.

**NO BOTHER…Please contact us!

Whether there is static on a line, a billing question, a new line that needs ordered, a dispatch of your system provider, a Service Provider Outage…ANYTHING…We want to hear from you.  This daily support is also part of our Managed Solutions COMPLETE Program.

Through our strategic partnerships with national and regional providers, TTS can deliver creative idea’s & innovative solutions & cost savings on cellular, data, high speed internet access, local and long distance solutions.  And we make it simple and efficient by providing a single point of contact for all your needs.

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